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Why Does One Psychic Say Yes When Another Says NO?

An Article by Nikki Layne

So you've spoken to two psychics in the last two days regarding the same issue and each psychic has told you something entirely different and now you're confused. Now you question psychic readings and psychic abilities and begin comparing notes. Why does one psychic say yes, when another says no? Hopefully this article will shed some light on this perplexing issue.

First let me set the record straight - everyone is psychic! Everyone! And anyone, if they elect to do so, can perform an accurate reading for another person. We are all gifted. We all already know ALL of the answers to all of the questions. Typically, when we consult a professional psychic for a professional reading we are seeking confirmation -- only.

The difference between a paid professional psychic and, for lack of a better term, a normal person, is that the paid professional has learned to work with and in many cases see or hear the energy and/or guides that surround the human form. Be they a tarot reader, clairvoyant, clairaudient, channeler, medium, or intuitive, all psychics receive their information through Light energy; the sacred energy passed through the shuffled tarot cards, openly provided by the client, offered through the love of the client's deceased relative or the client's spiritual guide, higher self, and so on. And please note; There is no reason to believe that one method is better than another. We all have special talents and have various abilities. The means to the way is not your concern - the accuracy of the reading is.

Psychic readings are based on energy. It's quite simple. But, if it is a matter of energy, why wouldn't that energy relate the same information at all times? Why can you get a sound and accurate reading one day and a bum reading the next? Why does one psychic leave you feeling happy while another leaves you blue, and need I say, bummed out or confused?

If the psychic's personal energy and third eye is blocked, by emotions, illness or personal or spiritual trauma the energy level of the reading is low and the information received is foggy. It stands to reason that if the client's personal energy is blocked in the same manner, the end result is an inaccurate reading, which can in the long run do nothing but harm. Relating the possible blockage to the client is part of the reader's code of ethics. But, understanding these blockages is the key.

Bad, conflicting and inaccurate, psychic readings are not necessarily the result of a bad psychic. Remember, I've said, everyone is psychic. Bad psychic readings from an experienced professional are typically the result of poor psychic energy. And poor or low psychic energy is very contagious.

Every time you permit a professional psychic to conduct a reading, you are sharing your energy with them and they, in turn, are sharing energy with you. It's an open door policy! Have you ever been around someone who was overbearing, who seemed to suck the life right out of you, and thought to yourself, "He drains me!" It's a simple analogy, but you get the point. Professional psychic readers subject themselves to these types of draining influences every day! It is very easy for a professional reader to be depleted of psychic energy. It is very easy for the professional reader to house deposits of the energy (negative or positive) of their clients. What's even more alarming is - a professional reader can interpret the energy of your fears, hopes, wishes and desires and confuse them with the critical information you need.

If the professional reader has just performed a reading for another client and you by chance catch them before they have cleared their energy field, chances are very good that conflicting and inaccurate energy will be read for you. Worse, yet, chances are good that the energy can be transmitted to you.

How do you avoid this? It's very easy and here are five helpful steps:

First: Take a ten minute test drive with a psychic. And by this I mean set up a special time and relax yourself completely. Clear your head and body of any obvious energy be it negative or positive. (Easier said than done, I realize.) When you are ready to call a psychic ask them to perform a general reading only. Do not speak. Do not ask any direct questions. If they work with Astrology and need your name and date of birth provide it only, but nothing else. After you have received your general reading thank them, hang up and reflect upon what was said. Do not call another psychic immediately. Your personal psychic energy is elevated any time you open yourself to a professional psychic reading. Allow your energy time to adjust -- center yourself. Only you will know when it is time to shop another psychic. Trust yourself. You're never wrong.

2nd: Once you have found a favorite, psychic or psychics stick with them. Stop psychic surfing! The more of your energy you share with your favorite psychic(s), the more accurate their information will be for you.

3rd: If you find yourself with more than one favorite psychic don't play them against each other. Don't call one then the other and relate the information or reading or ask them the same question by saying, "She got this - what do you get?" By doing so you are literally stirring the psychic water - making it muddy! No one benefits from this including you. When a professional psychic receives energy and information for you and is relating information as it comes to them and you interject by saying that another psychic said something different, the professional psychic will immediately doubt the information they are providing you. We all get different pieces of the puzzle. It's up to you to piece the puzzle together! And it's human nature to doubt information once it has been questioned by a client. Do you want your professional psychic doubting the information they are receiving for you? More specifically, do you want them to tell you what you want to hear or what they are sincerely receiving?

4th: Realize the powers of your energy and don't seek psychic advice unless you are "energized"! It's best not to contact a professional reader when you are feeling under the weather, emotionally or physically. It is also best not to receive a professional psychic reading from a sick psychic! Remember, if the client's energy is low the energy of the reading is low. If the professional psychic reader's energy is low - look out!

5th: Trust yourself! You should never walk away from a professional reading feeling confused. Readings are to help clarify the information, a reading should not confuse you. If the information is accurate for you - your "gut instinct" will tell you. Trust it! Psychic readings are based on your energy and your energy only. During a reading, if you feel the information and energy is wrong -- it most likely is. If you detect that the energy of other people is present in your reading express it to your professional reader. They'll understand. I always tell my clients, "There's too many people in this room...let me clear the air!"

I hope this information helps you. There are some wonderful professional readers out there! They all have your best interests in mind. Enjoy them!

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