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Are you looking for an accurate LIVE PSYCHIC READING?? You have come to the right place! You will receive a FREE 3 minute call when you sign up! Need a longer reading? Psychics are available starting at $1.29 per minute. Many methods of payment available, credti card, debit card, check, etc. CALL NOW!
Why have a reading here?
This group of talented and gifted psychics will use their positive, nurturing energy to answer all of your questions.

We will honor our visions by communicating them completely and honestly to you.

If this is your first visit to browse the listings below, choose your psychic and click on the "call now" button. You can pay for your reading using a credit card, debit card, or check.

Please bookmark this site so that you can return to my handpicked group of 5* accurate psychics!!

Check out the Psychic Insights and Articles area. Currently there is a wonderful article by Psychic Nikki Layne about "Psychic Surfing" please take a moment and check it out!
Many Psychics to choose from
  • Cherry Sage - Numerology

  • PandoraP - Psychic

  • PurrMagic - Spiritualist

  • Karma E - Psychic Tarot,

  • rebel72 - Runes, Truth

  • Karen Lustrup - Master
    Psychic, Astrologer

  • Nikki Layne - Clairvoyant

  • SoulmateReader2002 -
    Soulmate Readings

  • Read Greyer - Psychic Medium

  • LadyRaven39 - Radio Psychic

  • Sandie6539 - Nationally
    Televised Psychic

  • Ginas Spirit - Clairvoyant
    Spiritual Reader

  • The Awakening Center -
    Intuitive Counselors

  • Catelyn King - ESP, Past
    Life Regression, Reiki

  • How does it work?
    Free Keen Call Offer Rules:* *
    Limit one (1) free Keen Call per member. You will receive up to three (3) free minutes with any participating KeenSpeaker. Unused minutes do not carry over to any future Keen Call. Offer good for a limited time, subject to expiration.

    Placing Calls: Free

    How does the free 5.00 work?
    We credit your account with 5.00 when you join Keen to use with any KeenSpeaker in any topic! You can use the free 5.00 for a minimum of 3 minutes of phone time during your first Keen Call.

    Can I place calls before I join Keen?
    Sorry, no. To talk to other Keen members, you have to be a Keen member yourself. The good news is that the sign-up process is quick, easy and free. And when you join, we'll give you 5.00 free to talk to the KeenSpeaker of your choice.

    Can I use my free 5.00 for Keen Mail?
    Sorry, your Free 5.00 are good only for Keen Calls. You can use the money for either Live Advice or Recorded Advice. To accept Keen Mail from other members, you'll need to add money to your account.


    Featured Psychic


    I am a clairvoyant Spiritualist Medium - here to help you sort out that difficult life stuff with some spiritual insight. Although sometimes the two will connect, what you want to hear isnt always what you need to - please keep this in mind when you call. I have been able to see, hear, sense things since I was a child. Answers to questions come to me from spirit in the form of pictures, images, phrases, words, impressions, and more. With some help from spirit, we can help you figure out the best move for you to make on your journey in this life. I look forward to helping you. I AM READY TO TAKE YOUR CALL NOW!!

    CALL NOW - You won't be disappointed!

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